Robert Mazza, Armourer
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Welcome to this gallery of my work. I have been building armour and replica medieval metalwork since 1988. All of my work is based on surviving medieval examples or are plausible extrapolations based on medieval artwork. I mostly produce replicas from the thirteenth through the fifteenth centuries, but I occasionally do work from other time periods as well.

I am a part time armourer, and as such I only work on one or two projects at a time. Most of the works I produce are custom commissions. Occasionally I produce pieces as stock items, which I will make available here.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of armour, please email me for details.
Site Updates
As I add photographs of my work, I will be posting updates.

Chalcis Barbuta
This helmet is raised from a single piece of .105" thick mild steel. When finished it will be a copy of one of the barbuta from the Chalcis hoard. This helmet started as an ellipse, 26" by 27". A lot of heat and hammering went into the piece to get it this far. The helmet is 13" tall and currently weighs 10lbs.