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The following items are in stock and available now.

Cervelliere, circa 1330
This helmet is a replica of a circa 1300-1330 cervelliere or small bascinet designed to be worn under a great helm. The helmet bowl is constructed of three pieces of 14 gauge low carbon steel gas welded together. It has been polished to a satin finish. Around the edge of the helmet is a row of 1/8” lining holes to sew in an arming cap. Above the lining holes is a row of fifteen cast brass vervelles for attaching a mail aventail.
The bowl of the helmet is 7 ½” wide and 8 Ύ” long at the widest points. It will fit an average shaped head 22” to 23 ½” in circumference. The helmet sits 8 ½” high. The inside has been painted with primer to prevent rust. Included is a cardboard pattern for the leather strip to fit over the vervelles.

Price: -SOLD-
Shield Boss, Tempered Steel
This replica dark ages shield boss was raised from a .090” thick piece of 4130 tool steel. It was then hardened and tempered to yield an extremely tough and highly dent resistant piece of armour.
The boss sits 3 ½” high, and is 7” in diameter, edge to edge. The inside opening for the hand is 4 ½” wide. Around the rim are six Ό” holes for the rivets to attach it to your shield blank. Included are six Ό” diameter rivets whose heads have been polished to match the finish on the boss.
This shield boss will make an excellent addition to any dark ages re-enactor’s kit.

Price: 80.00 US Dollars plus shipping

Bascinet with Klappvisor, German circa 1380

This bascinet, while not a copy of any existing bascinet, combines features from surviving examples in the Valeria Sitten Museum, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, the Kunstsammlungen Veste Coburg, and the Landes Museum, Zurich

The skull of this bascinet was shaped from three pieces of 12 gauge (.105”) thick mild steel, gas welded together, the outside being ground and polished. Around the rim of the skull is a row of 1/8” holes for stitching in a lining. Above the lining holes are 26 brass vervelles for the attachment of a mail aventail. The vervelles are based on original examples from the Armoury of Churburg and are cast and finished by hand.

The visor was hot raised from a piece of 12 gauge (.105”) thick mild steel. The breaths on the right side and under the occularia are Ό” in diameter. The slits in the occularia are 7/16” wide by 2 3/8” long. The removable visor is attached to the skull by a hinge fabricated from 1/8” thick mild steel. The hinge locks down over two staples on the skull of the helmet and is held down firmly by means of a pivoting locking bar.

The helmet weighs a substantial 7lbs. The inside of the helmet is 8 Ύ” long by 7 ½” wide at the level of the temples. It should fit and average shaped head of about 23-24” in circumference.

The helmet has been given a bright polish. Included is a pattern for the leather strip to fit over the vervelles and two brass buckles patterned after medieval originals.

Price: -SOLD-

Detail of hinge mounting

Detail of brass vervelles